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Neck Tattoo For Guys – Cost, Design, Location

neck tattoo for men

Neck tattoos for guys are beautiful and carry a sense of adventure. The neck is a place where you can’t easily hide the tattoo. Even if you are wearing clothes, neck tattoos will always attract people’s attention. So, usually, brave men or men who do not hesitate to take any risk are interested in getting a tattoo on the neck. Otherwise, many people shy away from neck tattoos because they are relatively painful. So if you want to get a tattoo on a man’s neck, you must be brave. On the other hand, you have to take care of what design tattoo you want on the neck. Neck tattoos must be meaningful. Then you can present your personality in front of people.

Neck Tattoo for guys cost

The cost of a tattoo depends on the size of your tattoo. So if you want to get a big size tattoo, you must count a large amount of money. Otherwise, if you’re going to get a small size tattoo, you can do it at a low cost. The price list of neck tattoos is giving below.

  • Small size (2*2) neck tattoo cost: $ 30- $ 100
  • Medium size (3*3) neck tattoo cost: $ 100- $ 200
  • Large size (4*4) neck tattoo cost: $ 200- $ 400 +

How Much Painful Neck Tattoo Drawing

Drawing tattoos on the neck is relatively painful in other places in your body. Because the human body’s channel is an important place and very sensitive, many experienced artists are afraid to draw tattoos on their necks, which is why they give back to their customers or suggest drawing tattoos elsewhere. It happens when you first get a tattoo. But if you have ever tattoo before, you can tattoo your neck. You will feel uncomfortable while drawing the tattoo. The tattoo artist will hold your neck so that you will feel unbearable for a while. However, removing tattoos can be dangerous.

Because the neck tattoo is always empty, UV rays of sunlight can fall on the neck and often participate in the reaction with the tattoo ink, which is why you can get into trouble. So, of course, you have to be careful about this tattoo. But then you will get the desired tattoo.

Neck Tattoo Perfect Symbol For Men

  • Japanese tattoos neck tattoo
  • Bird feathers neck tattoo
  • Sign marked with angels neck tattoo
  • Cross tattoo neck tattoo
  • Tribal tattoo neck tattoo
  • Flower marks neck tattoo
  • Crown tattoo neck tattoo
  • Eagle tattoo neck tattoo
  • Cut the ghost neck tattoo
  • Eye marks neck tattoo

Back Neck Tattoo

Back of the neck tattoo for guys are extremely popular among some people. We know that the neck is naturally exposed to sunlight and air. When you get a tattoo on your neck, it easily attracts the attention of the people around you. Through which you can easily reveal your personality to others. Ghat tattoos are very popular for men. A few images of the tattoo on the back of the neck are shown. Each of these carries its own meaning. So you can draw any tattoo that suits your taste.

om sign back neck tattoo for guys
back of the neck tattoo for boys
back neck tattoo idea for male
back neck tattoo

Badass Neck Tattoo For Guys

Badass neck tattoo for guys is basically famous for their own colors and work. So nowadays men are getting up and down for drawing badass tattoos. Badass tattoos will talk to you a lot of the time, it seems. The look is so interesting and captivating that it looks awesome. Badass tattoos are now available in 3D models and Badass tattoos of many different colors with different designs are currently drawing. If you want to draw a badass tattoo, it will be a great way for men too. So, if you want to draw a tattoo with a combination of meaning and beauty, it is better to have a badass tattoo of your choice.

badass neck tattoo for guys

Eye Neck Tattoo for Guys

Eye signs are a sign of wisdom. Eye tattoos are extremely handsome and expressive for men as neck tattoos idea. Because men’s throats are always open, these tattoos will attract the people around them. So if you draw the eye mark on the neck, it will be a sophisticated beauty. Will carry money with him. Basically, it is most reasonable to draw the eye mark on the front or back. However, in the figure below, the image of the front eye is shown. You can draw on the back if you want. Or you may dislike any other design, but the most popular are small-size tattoos neck tattoo for male.

eye neck tattoo for guys

Fish Neck Tattoo For Guys

Everyone loves to eat fish, but if you want to draw that favorite thing with a tattoo, it’s not a bad thing at all. So if you want, if you like a fish, you can draw the mark of that fish on the neck. As a scientist studies fish, many of them express interest or even draw pictures of fish out of love for animals. So if you work with these professionals, it is highly recommended for you. Although you can draw the image. You can design any fish image like whale fish dolphin fish etc. Below is an example.

fish neck tattoo for guys

Rose Neck Tattoo For Guys

The scenery of the rose flower is one of the most interesting tattoos on the neck. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like roses. These rose tattoos are equally popular with both men and women. Of course, girls draw more, but men can do it if they want. Drawing a picture of a rose will carry the identity of your humanity and enhance your personality. The image of a rose can be of many kinds, just as a rose has many nationalities and shapes. Similarly, if you want, you can only draw flowers or you can draw flowers with the leaves of the tree. So it can be said that the image of the rose flower is more popular as a neck tattoo for men.

rose neck tattoo for guys
rose neck tattoo for male
rose neck tattoo idea for guys
rose neck tattoo for guys

Full Neck Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Flower neck tattoos look like chains, for men too. Naturally, men use fewer gold ornaments than women. Or do not use any jewelry on the neck, which is why many people have a sore throat. Many people want a meaningful tattoo to fulfill their desires. But since you can use jewelry since tattoo drawing through tattoo drawing is the best. Flower neck tattoos will be perfectly sewn from front to back. Which will further enhance the beauty. Your desire will be fulfilled only if the people around you will easily become attracted to your neck tattoo. So a full neck tattoo as a neck tattoo for men is a very great decision.

full neck tattoo idea for guys

Eagle Sign Neck Tattoo Idea For Guys

We are all aware of the power of the eagle. Just as the eagle does not hesitate to fly in the sky, it carries an incredible amount of energy. On the other hand, men also want to move freely and show their skills. If this is the case with you, then you can get a strong tattoo by drawing the eagle mark on your neck. Eagle bird neck tattoos for guys are as powerful as they are meaningful. Otherwise, you can draw the feather mark of the eagle bird, it also carries the same amount of money.

eagle neck tattoo idea for guys

Neck Tattoo Design For Guys

One of the most popular neck tattoo designs is the use of black ink. Using black ink is less likely to damage the color of your tattoo. Because the human throat is always open and the sunlight comes and falls. Which can cause destructive causes by reacting to sunlight and laser ink. But because black ink is very tolerant, you can do it safely. So black neck tattoos are one of the best ways for you to draw tattoos with caution.

neck tattoo design for guys

Tiger Shape Back Tattoo

The tiger mark as a neck tattoo for men is extremely powerful and visually pleasing. You can draw the tiger mark anywhere on the front or back. It will give you a huge amount of courage. We all know that tigers are very powerful animals. So drawing a tiger mark on your neck will make it visible to people and make you aware of your abilities. So the tiger mark is one of the best ways to get a neck tattoo. You can draw the mark of any animal other than the tiger mark, for example; Signs of lions, deer, snakes, etc. are best for men’s neck tattoos, and usually, men draw necks tattoos on their neck .

back neck tattoo for guys

Music Sign Side Neck Tattoo

Music sign tattoos, one for the neck. In today’s world, everyone is comfortable living happily ever after. Because singing can help people get rid of fatigue and everyone is involved in singing in their spare time. When we go out to exercise in the morning, we still listen to music with headphones or at night, at noon, during the day, most of the time we resort to music to keep our mind strong. If you are a music lover then the image below is for guys neck tattoo. One of the best designs for different artists or audiences. Contact us for any different designs.

music sign side neck tattoo idea for guys

Small Neck Tattoos

The most popular of the neck tattoos are the small size tattoos. Just as it costs less to draw a small tattoo on the neck, it also takes less time. But small size tattoos are very eye-catching and attractive. Due to which everyone is interested in drawing small size tattoos by men. On the other hand inside the design, you can draw any mark of your choice. You can easily get the desired tattoo by choosing the signs given below.

small neck tattoo for guys
small neck tattoo for guys

Snake Neck Tattoo

Many people are scared to see snakes, but many people like it, the percentage of liking is much less. People who study snakes or catch snakes mainly like snakes. Otherwise, no one else likes snakes. So if you want to draw a snake neck tattoos on a man’s neck, you can choose the design given below. Snake marks carry a lot of energy. The male carries the identity of a powerful animal, which can easily express itself among humans.

snake neck tattoo for guys

Spider Neck Tattoo for Guys

As beautiful as the spider animal looks, its tattoo shape is also eye-catching. The spider carries the animal very nicely but if it is in the neck of the male, it is likely to be more meaningful. We all heard the story of the spider in childhood. So if anyone likes spiders, they can draw this tattoo as a neck tattoo. This will help you to walk like a spider and give you the ability to have a sharp intellect.

spider neck tattoo for guys

Tiger Neck Tattoo

Tigers are naturally extremely powerful animals and full of power. Because even if a tiger is considered to be a naturally strong animal, even if a person has such a strong or courageous identity, then the tiger sign is the best for that man. So the tiger mark is one of the best ways to draw a tattoo on a man’s neck.

tiger neck tattoo for guys

Tribal Neck Tattoo

The most beautiful thing to see in the world of tattoos is the Tribal neck tattoo ideas for men. Because their ink is just as perfect as many popular designs will give you. No one has ever regretted these. Many people draw pictures of different tradition symbols through tribal tattoos. Just like the image below. If you want to draw a picture in the order of preference, choose the design and contact the tattoo artist.

tribal neck tattoo idea for guys
tribal neck tattoo idea for guys

Side Neck Tattoo

You can draw the neck tattoos in different parts. Front-back or either side. So if you draw a picture on the side through any writing, it will be a very meaningful tattoo for you. That could mean any quote from you or a quote from a famous person it will help you reach the specific destination. Which is to say that you are not likely to go astray. You can make it permanent by drawing on any side of your choice as a side neck tattoo for guys.

side neck tattoo for guys
side neck tattoo for guys
side neck tattoo idea for guys

Extra Neck Tattoo Ideas

If you do not like any of the images above, you can choose from the images below. Here are some extra neck tattoo symbols for you as a neck tattoo for men. From which you can choose any design you want.

neck tattoo for guys
neck tattoo design for guys
neck tattoo design for guys
neck tattoo design for guys

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