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PhiRemoval – Cost, Benefit, Work Process, After Care


Tattoo the current culture as a hobby. Maybe you did too. You can remove your unexpected tattoo through phiremoval, like eyebrow ink, lip tattoo, face tattoo, body tattoo removal, etc.; and this process totally non-laser process, and it’s called phi removal. But there is no experience in such a way that your bread is no longer a hobby for you. So you are going to remove it and get rid of the ugly feeling from your face. It would be best if you took the treatment to remove the tattoo or say goodbye to your ugly face forever. And one of the easiest and safest ways for you to do this is to remove the tattoo. The phi removal product is based on gly-colic acid.

Its products have high penetration properties, so when applied to your skin, it helps you eliminate your problems by piercing them easily. That’s why pigment machines or manual techniques do not need to reveal important mechanical methods because the product itself is something. The part works.

Advantages :

  • The lips bring a large face or any part of the body back to its former state.
  • Eliminates redness.
  • Cleanses the wound part like other products.
  • Eliminates astrophic structures.
  • Skin tissue regains vitality.
  • Tissue heal quickly.

PhiRemoval Healing Process

Since phi-removal is a non-laser technique, i.e., permanent makeup removal process. Micro-pigmentation cosmetic tattoo, eyeliner, lip color, lip line makeup removal process. The question that comes to our mind is how does it work? Phi-removal is a patented product and product featuring high penetration, which is why when our skin is treated with intense laser, it penetrates the skin and brings out the tattoo inks through the tissue. Do many people ask that phi removal has any scarring?

I want o say that it has no scarring to remove your ink because it’s a non-laser process. This process is a painless procedure. The scrub will treat with tattoo ink be treated in the next few days. Even after the skin has healed, more unwanted tattoos will draw ink. The scape will start to spread the peel naturally, and the ink will come out. After the procedure, the wound should be kept dry as long as there is a scab on your body. The wound will heal very quickly.

PhiRemoval Aftercare:

phiremoval aftercare
Microblading eyebrows, getting facial care and tattoo at beauty salon

Soothing cream should be used. Scape will soothe and increase healing. A thin layer of this cream should be made within 48 hours where the fee has been removed. Apply two to three times daily until scape scaling is complete. This can take 7 to 14 days or more.

The antis-kid gel is applied after a serious injury. Antis-kid should be applied at intervals of 4 hours a day until the skin crane is restored. Antis-kid should be applied until the skin returns to its previous state.

  • The scab should be kept dry for at least two days.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any cosmetic on the skin for a minimum of 10 to 14 days after applying the fee removal.
  • Do not scrub the wound with fingernails or anything else after treatment.
  • You can’t go to higher temperatures. Stay away from sunlight.
  • If you need a fee remover, refrain from taking a bath for two weeks.
  • Do not massage any face or skin after applying phi-Removal.

PhiRemoval Cost

Contact an experienced doctor as soon as the whole procedure is done and follow the rules. Hopefully, your wound will heal very quickly.

It is not possible to say how long phi-removal will take you to achieve the desired result. Because if your wound is deep, it will take longer; otherwise, if the size of your tattoo is small and light, then it will heal very fast. For example, small corrections may require only two or three sessions, and large wounds may take 6 to 8 weeks. As it varies in phiremoval cost, it is impossible to predict in advance, but the price is given below according to the session.

Brows treatments / eyeliner / Lip Liner Treatment (1hour)

  • One session $200+tax
  • Two session $350+tax
  • Three session $500+tax 
  • Four session $640+tax 

Full Lip Treatment Cost

  • One session $250+tax

Phi-removal before and after

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