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Best 20 Tattoo shop In USA

best tattoo shop

Are you looking to shop for a tattoo design? It is tough to find out which are the best tattoo shop? Design a tattoo is not easy tasks that make sure the method you get is exactly what in your mind? Getting the best tattoo shop has a lot to do with finding a suitable location you feel easy and designer you can trust their work. There are plenty of excellent tattoo design shops, but we find some of the top 20 shops in the USA now.

1. Studio 28 Tattoos shop

Studio 28 shop is based in the USA .this shop providing safe, aesthetic and positive tattooing, which is a relief, considering you’re about to get stuck with a needle. The staff is extra careful and accommodating to make sure the Tattoo receive precisely what on your mind.

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2.Daredevil Tattoo 

The daredevil tattoo shop is based in NYC, and a tremendous tattoo-history museum just observed its 20th year. The daredevil artist can do cosmetic tattooing to enhance your lips or eyebrows. Also, Antique tattoo machines and old-time sideshow banners from the early days of a taboo industry. The other talented Daredevil artists genuflect before this rich tradition. 

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3 JonBoy Tattoo 

Sometimes you need a little something but do not understand how to express it? Inking to smarten up your body self-expression. With JohnBoy, less is more. JohnBoy tattoo artists can deliver simple, classy and understated tats that merge art with fashion. They have designed for more than 18 years. JonBoy Tattoo eventually took his career to NYC at West 4 Tattoo, where he helped bring fine line tattooing into the mainstream. Jonboy recently moved to Moxy Times Square as a resident with the tattoo artist. The best thing is that JonBoy makes with you to elevate your tattoo design, so its meaning doesn’t get lost easily.

You may just come upon our place, another celeb getting inked up.

4. East Side Ink

East Side Ink is one of the oldest tattoo shops in NYC. The combination of artwork and craftsmanship come together to make in this high-end Alphabet City street shop. Josh Lord, who’s created tattoos for HBO’s True Detective characters, sets the vibe at East Side Ink, which he fills with talented artists without any issue.

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5. First Class Tattoo shop

First Class Tattoo is one of the famous tattoo artists. They specialize in making high-quality tattoos ranging from black and grey or colour realism to fine line, neo-traditional art, surrealism, geometric, watercolour, oil painting, ink splatter, well, anything in your mind, pretty much.

Looking for a first-class tattoo? Please book your appointment with us. First Class Tattoos now offers Cosmetic Tattooing meant to enhance lips and eyebrows.

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6. Three Kings Tattoo

Three Kings Tattoo is the Award-winning New York City’s premier tattoo studio and other locations in a different place in the USA – Green point, Brooklyn and Manhattan’s East Village. Kings Tattoo has to create world-class art that combines the traditional and avant-garde with a high level of craftsmanship and professionalism unique in the tattoo world.

Every Tattoo we make is designed as a collaborative effort between artist and client, ensuring that each customer receives one- work of Tattoo. It because of this dual trustworthiness to create artwork and high-end quality service.


7. Sena Tattoo

SENA TATTOO is the US-based premier tattoo shop specializing in Japanese, Traditional, and Realism, black grey lettering tattoo styles and an art gallery featuring the world’s great artists. They also create Japanese Tattoo inspired Fire Drawings. This is a new series of Tattoo inspired Fire Drawings that will work available till mid-November. 

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8. Bang Bang 

Bang Bang is a true ink master and Specializes in illustrative fine art in colour in black and grey. The Bang bang has transformed the body art industry with its diverse, high prices with classy Tattoo and fantastic grasp of feminine style and design and an utterly creative take on tattooing.

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9. Black Heart Tattoo 

Black Heart Tattoo was established in 2004. The Black Heart Tattoo is based on its creative mind, different colour identity, talent and passion for artwork. It provides over 150 years of tattooing experience to create an environment that inspires both artists and clients alike.

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10. Hot Stuff Tattoo 

Hot Tattoo provides top reviews for its art, music and various colour shapes tattoos; the hot stuff tattoo shop inks many tattoos with an outdoors theme, such as fishing, which makes sense for artist-designer Danny Reed, who is a big fisherman and overstep at natural images.

Check out the creative artwork with various shapes



The Alohamonkey Tattoo is one of the successful and best tattoo shops, and Piercing is firmly based on tattooing traditions with owner “Josh Arment”.Are you looking to the future of the art form? 

Alohamonkey artists are proud to stand on the shoulders of greats. They have thousands of ready-to-go tattoo designs, a massive gallery of tattoo shapes of various colours and the highest quality body jewellery available.

Always welcome, and appointments are available for larger gallery pieces.

12. Kings Avenue Tattoo

Kings Avenue Tattoo was opened by Mike Rubendall in 2005 and trademarks some of the most sought after tattoo artists in the industry. The Kings have to combine antique connections with modern craftsmanship to create one of the best tattoos tailored for each individual. Kings tattoo strives to advance the artwork form. The Kings Avenue tattoo shop has continued to grow with world recognition, based on Long Island and New York City.

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13. Grit N Glory

GRIT N GLORY TATTOO STUDIO, established in 2014 by famous tattoo artist and TV personality Megan Massacre, Grit is a one of a kind lifestyle spot. Bringing you a combination of unique speciality artwork, style, various culture, girl power, and that laid back, feel-comfortable, rock N roll vibe. Each artist is specialists in their styles of tattooing, and all pieces are creative and custom-designed, especially for you, the client.

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14. Nice Tattoo Parlor

NICE TATTOO IS A TATTOO SHOP where everyone you are dealing with friendly and amicable artists. Whether you’re a tattoo artist-designer or clients, the genuinely friendly staff is highly skilled in all kinds of ink and they’ll always keen to deliver with clean-looking, with Nice provides a relaxed, detailed and great result

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15. Atlas Tattoo shop

Altas seems to have a tattoo parlour on every corner, making Atlas all the more remarkable, unique and comfortable. No matter what kind of tattoo artwork you think, you can go to Atlas tattoo shop and have a great experience.

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16. Immaculate Tattoo shop

Immaculate Tattoo is a 90s tattoo art shop .started the journey in 1998; with its good list of high-quality Tattooers, Immaculate Tattoo is comfortable, clean and professional as a tattoo shop you can get. Immaculate tattoo shop also specializes in traditional Americana and Japanese style tattoos artworks.

Especially the traditional Americana and Japanese style tattoos

17. East River Tattoo

East River Tattoo is located on Greenpoint waterfront. The East River Tattoo specializes in high-quality custom tattoo designs in various artwork’ different shapes, highly influenced by maritime folk art and 19th-century traditional tattooing, often evoking antique nautical charts, engravings and the art of decorating or carving shells.

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18. Wild Zero Studio

Wild Zero Studios is a beautiful shop to accommodate your Tattoo. The Wild Zero is a latex-free space that is staffed by bloodborne virus trained veterans of the tattoo craft. Plenty of experience informs artistic-designer choices with ideas to make sure a tattoo that high stands the test of time.

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19. Rock of Ages Tattoo

The Rock of the ages is a tattoo that is a world-famous tattoo shop in the USA even today, basically because of its symbolic representation. Today, modern tattooists’ art, A Rock of Ages tattoo, lends itself well to the antique and traditional tattooing format with solid nautical themes, a woman and religious imagery; these are all considered making a tattoo. 

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20. Hobo’s Tattoo 

Hobo’s Tattoo is one of the oldest tattoo shops in the USA. They are operating on Daniel Street in Portsmouth since 1982. The roster of tattoo artists is well versed in all styles ranging from American traditional, realism, lettering, Japanese tattooing, geometric, tribal, to any custom request that makes your mind.  

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